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Distribution Transformers are electrical isolation transformers that convert high voltage electricity to lower voltage levels acceptable for use in homes and businesses. PT. Binabawana Pancaputri Sell Distribution Transformers which function to reduce voltage and provide isolation between primary and secondary. Electrical energy is passed through a Distribution Transformer to reduce the high distribution voltage level to the end use level. Almost all energy passes through at least one distribution transformer before being consumed by end-use equipment, motors, or other equipment. Distribution transformers are found in all economic sectors: housing, commercial and industrial.
Distribution transformers are generally categorized in several ways:
- type of insulation: liquid-sink or dry type
- number of phases: single phase or three phase
- voltage level (for dry type): low or medium

PT. Binabawana Pancaputri Sell Distribution Transformers, are step down transformers which are mainly used for electric power distribution. Steps to reduce electricity are then used for industrial and individual purposes. Transformers are usually small and filled with insulating oil. There are several types of distribution transformers used such as:
- Single phase transformer
- Dual phase transformer
- Transformer installed
- The pole is mounted by a transformer
- Underground transformer

Distributor of Electric Schneider Cubcile Distribution Transformer in Jakarta
With a team that has more than 16 years experience in the distribution of electricity and control products, PT. Pancaputri Binabawana is a leading supplier for Schneider power distribution products in Jakarta. As a Schneider Distributor in Jakarta with a strong commitment to delivery and expertise. Knowledge Our products support our customers with perfect satisfaction. Become a Reliable Schneider Distributor in Jakarta, Accurete, and Offering Quality Services. Providing Quality Services at competitive prices. As a Schneider Distributor Company in Jakarta we are committed to customers to provide timely services. Provide information to customers accurately and updated.

Distribution Transformer Distributor
We are well known for our best range of Power Transformers and we are listed among the most prominent Distributors, Exporters and Distributors of Distribution Transformers in Indonesia. As a Distribution Transformer Distributor, our Distribution Transformer products are recognized by our clients for their reliable performance. As a Distributor of our product distribution transformer Distribution transformer or service transformer, is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the power distribution system, reducing the voltage used in the distribution line to the level used by the customer. The invention of efficient transformers practically made the distribution of AC power feasible; a system that uses a distribution transformer was demonstrated in early 1882. As Distributors our Distribution Transformers play an important role in electricity transmission.

Cubcile Electric Distributor
At PT. Pancaputri Binabawana, we as an Electric Cubcile Distributor always try to provide the best results in every project that is done and also each of our clients. Our electrical products include capacitor banks, cubicles, busducts, etc. Yes, we are also an Electric Cubcile Distributor. We always provide solutions for those who need our services, of course with our best products. We also believe that by helping the success of the projects of our clients, it will also bring good things to the development of our Electric Cubcile Distributor Company. That way we are increasingly motivated to become the best Electric Cubcile Distributor company in Indonesia.

Distributor Schneider in Jakarta Complete
PT. Pancaputri Binabawana as a Schneider Distributor in Jakarta we will continue to strive to present the complete Schneider products so that you can choose and find the products you need easily. The Schneider products that we sell are genuine products from Schneider so you don't need to hesitate anymore to buy the products that we sell. So if you are looking for a Scheider Distributor in Jakarta we sell the products that you are looking for. For information and reservations about Schneider Distributors in Jakarta please contact us to get the best price from us.


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