Cubicle Outgoing Type QM Merk Schneidee Serie SM6

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01 Feb 2024
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Medium Voltage Electric Panel

We provide Schneider Cubicle with various types and functions as incoming, metering and outgoing which are limited by protection fuse or reliability of protection relays in the need for electrical power consumption of 20 KV Medium Voltage Range.


Is Kreteria cubicle Schneider sm6 an outgoing type with a rank of 24kv?

Type Outgoing with 12.5KA breaking capability with the following specifications:


1. QM Is a Cubicle Schneider Outgoing QM, commonly called QM Manually Channel loads and protect Transformers with Tripping systems for touch interference that are connected with Fusart as Melting Safety


2. QMC is Cubicle Schneider Outgoing QM -CT. Has an additional current Transformer and Sepam Relay As a Load Flow Setting As Transformer Protection


3. PM is Cubicle Schneider outgoing PM Having a Fuse Protection System usually used for SUTM networks in PLN substations


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